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CME4Life | Continued Medical Education

  • Our CME is Unlike Anything Else Out There

    We use “Active Engagement Learning” to help you better retain knowledge.

    Everyone Learns Differently

    That’s why we’ve scrapped the traditional and deliver CME in a more engaging way – one that will help you become more knowledge and productive in your career. Our approach will teach you:
    How to learn

    Quickly understand complex medical topics.

    How to remember

    Recall knowledge in even the most stressful situations.

    How to apply

    Examine patients in a more efficient, effective way.

  • How It All Began

    I grew up thinking I was dumb because I learned differently from others. Then I entered the military, where lives depended on my ability to understand and execute.

    Through this experience, I developed a more effective way to learn.

    Tried and Tested

    It’s been refined in my work as a PA for 16 years and a college professor.

    Proven results

    We’ve helped countless clinicians learn, grow – and thrive in their careers.


The 5 Causes of Chest Pain that You Cannot Miss!

The 5 Causes of Chest Pain that You Cannot Miss!
Just remember to ask "Who's Your PAPPA"

If you remember these 5 simple things, you will keep yourself out of trouble.

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Chest Pain Evaluation

Chest Pain Evaluation
What’s the most important factor in evaluating someone with chest pain?

What’s the most important factor in evaluating someone with chest pain? Is it the EKG? No. Is it enzymes? No. Read more to find out

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Maximize Your Mind.

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CME4Life: Our Mission is to “Maximize Your Mind.”

Our website says what we do: we teach CME so you remember and use it 4 Life. We make medicine come alive because we understand that not everyone learns well through traditional methods like pie- charts, lists, graphs and busy power points slides. We provide unique solutions to educate those who provide medical care and help clinicians become more effective in patient care.

Where did this all begin?

CME4Life - John BielinskiIn junior high, I was what you call a “difficult learner.” I was in special classes for those who “didn’t get it.” My classmates knew. My teachers knew. My grades were evidence and I grew up feeling stupid. I didn’t graduate high school on time. I failed the math regent’s exam five, yes FIVE, times.

I wasn’t ready for college, but I knew I wanted to make something of myself, so, I went into the United States Marine Corps. While deployed to Desert Storm, we were responsible to identify and destroy enemy armored vehicles. My responsibility was to learn all the armored vehicles in the campaign, and most importantly, to learn the “good guys from the bad guys.” If I was wrong, Americans could die. I was given flash cards to learn. On one side of the card was a picture of the vehicle, on the other side the identifying features. This worked well for me. I realized, after flipping through the cards a few times, that I knew the information. I knew it and knew it well… Continue Reading >