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  • Our CME is Unlike Anything Else Out There

    Everyone learns differently, but when it comes to patient care, we’re all the same. We want to be the best, most efficient medical practitioners possible. That’s why we’ve scrapped the traditional, boring PowerPoints and pie charts for a better way – we call it Active Engagement Learning.

    You’ll better learn and retain knowledge for those moments where you need it to make critical patient care decisions.

    Our approach will teach you:

    How to learn

    Quickly understand complex medical topics.

    How to remember

    Recall knowledge in even the most stressful situations.

    How to apply

    Examine patients in a more efficient, effective way.


Breaking Down the PA Boards

Breaking Down the PA Boards

Our infographic offers a breakdown of the PANCE - and how you can pass it.

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Can't Get Enough CME?

Can't Get Enough CME?

Visit our YouTube channel for more great medical insights from John Bielinski.

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CME4LIFE - John BielinskiHow it All Began

I grew up thinking I was dumb because I learned differently from others. Then I entered the military, where lives depended on my ability to understand and execute. As I began a successful career as a physician assistant and saw how traditional CME shared knowledge, I realized that there had to be a better way.

And there was.

CME4LIFE offers learning that is:

Tried and Tested

I’ve refined my methods and content constantly over the past two decades as a PA and college professor.


We’ve helped countless clinicians learn, become more efficient and provide better patient care.