Bring your passion for learning and patient care, we’ll bring engaging CME that’s easy to apply for your PANCE/PANRE and in clinical practice.

You’ll learn not only what you need to know, but also how to remember it.

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A three-day, concentrated, “smart study” approach to give you what you need to pass the PANCE/PANRE!

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Why CME4Life?

  • It’s high-end medicine taught simply
  • Learn to easily recall difficult material
  • A convenient way to earn CME credits
  • Created for clinicians, by a clinician
  • Approved by the AAPA

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How It All Began

I didn’t graduate high school on time because my grades were so poor. I have always struggled with traditional learning.  I grew up thinking I was stupid. Deep down I felt stupid. I have a learning disability – dyslexia.  My mind switches letters and numbers. There are a lot of insecurities when you feel you can’t effectively learn. But, I was determined, so I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and learned to learn. I was deployed to Operation Desert Storm as a “Dragon Gunner” (shoulder fired anti-tank rocket,) where lives depended on my ability to learn, identify, and execute.  I learned how to learn in the sands of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.  As I began a medical career as a emergency medicine physician assistant (PA,) also where lives depended on my ability to learn, understand and execute, I saw how traditional education shared knowledge and realized there had to be a more effective way.  CME4LIFE offers learning that is “sticky,” meaning you learn deeply so you can apply clinically.  I call it “active engagement learning.”  Over the past two decades I have inspired countless clinicians to learn differently and increased their confidence and competence. It’s my passion and my calling. It’s why God put me on this planet.

CME4LIFE Is Different

We understand CME because we are led by a field hardened, experienced medical provider. John Bielinski, Jr. PA-C created CME4LIFE because he was frustrated by the CME options available.  Adults don’t want to be talked to or read slides.  Adult learners need to be challenged and engaged to retain information.  Growing up a “difficult learner” made school difficult, but the military helped John understand how he could best learn and teach critical information.  He applied these techniques when creating CME4LIFE.

Our team is small, passionate, personalized and driven to help you to maximize your potential.

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Customer Reviews

John’s board review course was essential to my passing the PANCE on my first try! He has a gift for teaching and it is evident that he loves what he does. I found his mnemonics and the relationships he created between topics particularly helpful. I feel his teachings will continue to assist me as I practice as a PA. I would highly recommend this course to anyone studying for their boards!


The students unanimously agreed this was the best experience of PA school. They learned so much. More importantly, as a result, their scores on national standardized exams significantly increased. They were 15 points below the national average on the e-Packrat but on the End of Curriculum exam (taken a couple of days after this review)- they were at the national average!

Johnna Program Director University of Tampa

I’ve been in other board review courses in the past, and I have to admit that John absolutely has a gift for teaching. He’s incredible! You can tell he loves his profession and gives his all for his students. Unlike any other! He breaks it down into such an understandable format with images and relations, it just finally makes sense. I wish I had this opportunity sooner!

South University Student

He(John) is a great champion of our profession and I consider him a friend


The PA Prep Essential Flashcards are THE BEST! They were crucial in me crushing my PANRE. Felt like I was really able to rip through questions quickly having mastered these high-yield facts ahead of time.




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