This one small thing saves 21% of patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome and an Abnormal EKG

What is Life Saving in an Acute Coronary Syndrome?

Aspirin. That is a key.

Aspirin saves lives. No doubt. aspirin saves 21 lives out of 100. It works. It’s cheap.

Who does not get aspirin?

Anyone with an Allergy. Not just an “allergy.” It has to be a true allergy.

How much aspirin you ask? The dose has never been determined for sure. Maybe 10 baby aspirins, maybe lick an aspirin. I say “chew two.” (162 mg.) Why? Because it rhymes.

Make sure it’s not enteric coated and no ECASA, it is too slow of absorption.

If your patient has a true allergy to aspirin, Plavix is a Class I AHA recommendation in its place.

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John Bielinski, Jr., MS PAC is a practicing emergency medicine clinician, and has been lecturing nationally for more than ten years, teaching the tactics that have proven invaluable in his career as a medical professional.