Sold OutPANCE/PANRE PRECISION – PA Board Review – Tampa, Florida
Dates:Tue Mar 21, 2023 - Thu Mar 23, 2023
Location:Tampa, Florida

PANCE/PANRE PRECISION Board Review Course 2023- 3 day course

Demystifying the PA Boards

A three-day, concentrated, “smart study” approach to give you what you need to pass the PANCE/PANRE!

This conference is for people who want a fresh approach to CME and board review.

There are a number of board review programs that claim to be “comprehensive;” these conferences are typically four or five, full-day conferences. If you need a full review of medicine, these programs are valuable. There are also a number of PA board review study guides that provide a comprehensive study approach and material. For some, this is the right approach. Then there are conferences, for the ones that need “the edge.” By “the edge,” we mean the study tips and tactics to understand the most amount of material in the shortest period of time. Passing the boards is a “social system” of learning; it’s a game. This means if you get the right answers at the right time for the right questions, you pass. This is different from real learning, which is a “natural system” of learning. Our system of learning is “smart learning,” teaching you to get the most information in the shortest period of time without cramming. At CME4Life, we maximize your mind and help you win the game!

The future of learning – while you prepare to pass your boards.


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This program is not yet approved for CME credit. Conference organizers plan to apply for 30.00 AAPA Category 1 CME credits from the AAPA Review Panel. The total number of credits is yet to be determined.



South University at Tampa
4401 N Himes Ave
United States

Event Testimonials

“If you’re looking for a course to get ready for your PANCE/PANRE, this is it!! If you want a class that does NOT just read slides, but instead teaches you mental mapping techniques, is interactive, challenges you to remember the material throughout the course, and sprinkles in REAL world advice so you don’t get burned as a practicing PA, then CME4LIFE is it. Trust me, I bought the uworld, Rosh, cmeresources, smartypance, etc and none of was sticking. The best money spent was here at CME4LIFE. So if you’re on the fence on where to turn, turn to John. He cares, and is passionate about our profession, and you can feel that throughout the course.” – LB

“This course got me excited to take my PANCE. He is very energetic and engages the audience. I did it through Zoom and I am happy I did. He was able to answer questions more efficiently from students and it felt more personalized than doing it in a classroom or auditorium. His motivational talks are also very helpful since many students can feel burned out and exhausted. I am excited to take my PANCE and hoping for the best!” – Brenda

“John is absolutely amazing. He was so much more than just an instructor, he was inspiring and taught many life lessons throughout his course. He is 110% there for you and wants to see you succeed on your PANCE but most importantly as a clinician. I loved his teaching style, he has the best mnemonics and throughout the course will randomly quiz you on one to see how well it sticks. He built confidence in me to take my PANCE as a new grad. He has spent so much time figuring out what it takes to pass the PANCE and knows how to talk about it without overwhelming you. I have never met him but I trust him after 3 days to guide me to passing my PANCE. Thank you so much John!” – Taylor

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