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The CME4Life LIVE Learning Experience

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The CME4Life LIVE Learning Experience

The CME4LIFE Experience Explained in One Word


People have started talking about the CME4LIFE LIVE Learning Experience and word is spreading quick! We took some time during our last 3-Day PA Board Review Conference in San Antonio, TX to catch up with our attendees and listen to what they had to say. After getting such a fantastic response, we decided that we had no choice but to let our attendees’ voices be heard.

>> This is when you click the video and watch in astonishment :D

Why is CME4LIFE different than other courses?

We are definitely not trying to say that our course is better than everyone else’s. There are a lot of PA’s, NP’s, and current students out there spreading rumors that we have the BEST PANCE/PANRE REVIEW ON THE PLANET but, we simply cannot claim this as fact. Honestly, we can’t generate detailed statistics that prove we are the most fun and engaging course available. You’d just have to trust the personal opinions and recommendations from thousands of dedicated medical professionals and students from across the country. Who would believe them?! HA! Even if we told you that we have thousands of testimonials from past attendees with an average 4.8 out of 5 star rating for satisfaction…we know that still may not be enough to convince you that we are the best.

I guess what we are trying to say is…if you want to know what all the hype is about, you’ll need to come see for yourself.

CME4LIFE Board Review and Emergency Medicine Conferences are different because you can finally say, “no more” to the days of endless PowerPoint slide presentations and boring lectures. At our courses, you’ll find out how to conquer complex medical topics by implementing our simple, non-traditional learning techniques. You’ll be introduced to a new way of studying through the use of mnemonics, “active engagement learning”, interactive case studies, and more. We understand that not everybody has the same style of learning and that it can be difficult to remember all of the material for the PANCE or PANRE when you have a specialized practice.

Join the CME4LIFE LIVE Experience and not only will you get the medical education that you need but, you’ll also leave with new ideas/concepts that can be easily applied to your everyday practice to help you become a better clinician.

CME4LIFE Upcoming Conferences

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2017 Conference Schedule:
After receiving such amazing support at our courses through the past year, CME4LIFE is proud to announce our Full Conference Listing for 2017. We’ll be coming to more cities and teaching more amazing CME than ever before. Find out when CME4LIFE is coming to a location near YOU:





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