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We’re Aiming for a 100% Pass Rate On Our PA Board Review

By November 21, 2014March 26th, 2019No Comments

Sure, we are proud that our CME4LIFE PA board review participants have a 98% pass rate. But, we want 100%.


It’s our passion and our drive.

I get a few calls per week from folks who failed the boards, be it the PANCE or the PANRE. Sad. Depressed. Humiliated. When we spend time talking, I try to get to the root cause about why they failed. In these conversations I’ve learned that failing almost always comes down to one thing: lack of medical knowledge. That’s it. It’s not nerves. It’s not “I’m a bad test taker.” That’s rationalization.

I don’t believe the root cause of failing the PA boards is lack of study (for most). I believe it’s ineffective study. Folks think if they take 2,000 board review questions then they are studying. You are not… you are spinning your wheels in the snow when you do that.

We’re striving for the 100% pass rate, so here’s the deal. It’s what drives us.

When you sign up for our CME4LIFE Live PA Board Review Conference, we are going to send you a study plan and the following materials:

1) A Comprehensive Review For the Certification and Re-certification Examinations for Physician Assistants
Review Book

2) PA Prep Workbook
3) PA Prep 750 Flash Cards
4) PA Prep CD/MP3 Audio File. Listen while you drive, workout or you’re at work.

Here’s the deal. You will need to study this material. Study it well.

Oh, and there’s one other thing: On the first day of the PA board review course, there will be a 100-question test. If you score less then a 90%, you will be kindly refunded and asked to leave the course. Yep. You will be asked to leave.

Why would we do this?

You have to study. You have to prepare. You can not be successful without medical knowledge. Period. We do this because we care deeply about your success. If you don’t want to study, don’t attend our program. There are a lot of PA board review programs out there that don’t care if you study or not.

But, if you choose to attend CME4LIFE’s Board Review Program, roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work.

Work as hard in preparation as we do to get to a 100% pass rate.

For more information on courses and registration, visit our PANCE/PANRE PA Board Review Events page.

If you have questions or concerns about this policy and plan, call me directly: 716.512.5991

John Bielinski, MS, PAC

PS. Can’t make our program? See our PANCE/PANRE Pa Board Review DVD/video program.



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