PANRE Preparation : Questions are not the Answer!

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PANRE Preparation : Questions are not the Answer!

PANRE preparation why only doing practice questions is not the right answer. 

We have been teaching PA Board Review for PANCE and PANRE for years and as we have started mentoring and coaching PAs studying for their PANRE, it occurred to me yesterday why so many people are failing their PANRE. This is becoming a huge problem to our profession. Catastrophic. The PAs that are used to taking the pathway two to pass their PANRE are failing in droves – but why?

What is the biggest mistake in preparing to take your PANRE?

People are studying shallow and not deep. How are they doing this? Test questions. It’s a faulty strategy. I am hearing time and time again, people preparing for their PANRE are buying huge test banks of questions and spending a majority of time there. This is plain out the wrong way to study, you need a multi-sensory approach.

PANRE Prep - Questions are not the Answer.



I don’t see this as the primary problem with the PANCE. Why? These are students that are used to studying heavy content. They have their own unique problem, but that will be in a future blog.

Test questions for PANRE preparation are designed to target the focus of your studies. It was like when I used to be a ring kick boxer; Sparring was designed to assimilate all that I learned and isolate where I was weak so I could correct it with out of ring training and drills. If I had a lousy uppercut (which I do) that would be isolated during sparring, so I would spend time hitting a pad with uppercuts. The questions for PANRE preparation are designed to do just that, isolate weakness to focus your studies. The NCCPA’s pretests are perfect for that. These tests give you a printout of where you are weak. This faulty strategy that is hurting you, not helping you.

So, here is the solution to better PANRE Prep, stop the huge test bank of questions. It’s a huge mistake. Study content that is driven by testing yourself using tools like the NCCPA pre-test. Find out your weak areas and focus on them, use questions as a second or even third line of studying, AFTER you have isolated your weak areas.
If you need help is preparing for your PANRE, we can help. If you have failed your PANRE already, what are you doing differently? Contact to arrange a free 15-minute coaching session.

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PANRE Preparation : Questions are not the Answer!
John Bielinski, Jr., MS PAC is a practicing emergency medicine clinician, and has been lecturing nationally for more than ten years, teaching the tactics that have proven invaluable in his career as a medical professional.
PANRE Preparation : Questions are not the Answer!

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