PANCE Review Course : How Do I know If I Am Ready?

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PANCE Review Course : How Do I know If I Am Ready?

PANCE Review Course : How Do I know If I Am Ready?


So you have been a great student (or at least a really hard worker) and it is time to take your PANCE. You have attended a PANCE Review Course, you have picked a review guide (only 1, do not look at multiple books, just know 1 like the back of your hand) and you feel like you’re ready for the PANCE, but how do you really know?


Here is my suggestion, and if you can do this, I am 100% certain you WILL pass your PANCE.

PANCE Review Course


Here are my “4 Questions of Medical Mastery” that you should apply to every topic, for this example lets go with CHF (you should know CHF, it WILL be on the boards so this is a must!)




  1. What is the pathophysiology? (What is the disease state?)
  2. How would the patient present? (what would you expect to see? What would the patient complain of?)
  3. Diagnosis? (How would you diagnose this patient? What tests would you order? What type of screenings?)
  4. Therapeutics? (How would you fix this patient?)


If you can answer these 4 questions for every topic on the NCCPA Content Blueprint, you will be all set. You should be able to talk about each of these topics as if you were having a conversation with someone, and you should do exactly that. Find a friend, a classmate, and have conversations about each of these topics. When you fully understand a topic, teach it to someone. If you have a true understanding you should be able to teach it no problem (here’s a secret: the info will be stuck in your head….forever!).


So once again, in this PANCE Review Course blog, How do I know if I am ready? Answer these 4 questions, it won’t be fast, it won’t be easy, but it will be effective!


PANCE Review CoursePANCE Review Course

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PANCE Review Course : How Do I know If I Am Ready?
John Bielinski, Jr., MS PAC is a practicing emergency medicine clinician, and has been lecturing nationally for more than ten years, teaching the tactics that have proven invaluable in his career as a medical professional.
PANCE Review Course : How Do I know If I Am Ready?

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