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Anxiety and PANRE Review

By November 9, 2015March 14th, 2018No Comments
Anxiety and PANRE Review

Don’t Die Before Your Start

When I was about to run my first marathon back in 2002, the advice I was given by a veteran marathon enthusiast was, “make sure you get to the starting line.” The message was clear. Don’t get injured when training so you can’t make the race. Make sure your mindset is right to start the process. This is the same message that needs consideration when starting studying for the PANRE.

When studying PANRE review material, where are you placing your focus?

When starting PANRE review, it’s a simple process. Study the material. This task is easier for some than others. If you have a deep seeded test taking anxiety, PANRE review can prove impossible.

So, if you have severe anxiety about taking the PANRE, how do you get to test day healthy?

Start by asking this question: where is my focus?

Your focus is in one of two places, the “circle of concern” or the “circle of influence.” The circle of concern is anxiety provoking. This is the “what if” area of focus.

What if I fail? What if I fail again?
What if the questions are not what I studied for?
What if I am not using the right review book?
What if I am not studying the right information?
What if I am wasting my time?

This mindset is paralyzing to effective PANRE review.

If you ask crappy question you will get anxiety and fear. You need to ask better questions. You need to keep your focus on the “circle of influence.” These are questions that you can do something about right now.

What can I do right now that will make a difference?
How can I optimize my studies?
How can I test my recall effectively?
Who can I study with?
Who do I trust to learn from?
How can I enjoy my studies?

This is the key of effectiveness. We are either reactive or proactive in our PANRE review. A reactive person is a puppet…dancing to things we are concerned about yet can do nothing about right now. Yet, by asking better questions, we stay in touch with a mindset that is empowering.

Where is your red X?

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