How prepared are you to pass the PANCE/PANRE?

How prepared are you to pass the PANCE/PANRE?

How prepared are you to pass the PANCE/PANRE?

Passing your boards is no small task. Whether you are a current student getting ready to take your PANCE or a veteran PA that needs to pass the re-certification exam, it is imperative that you have a study plan and structured approach when preparing for any test. This pre-test by John Bielinski, PA-C and CME4LIFE will hopefully give you a better understanding of where you are in terms of readiness to pass your PANCE or PANRE!

How do I analyze my results?

Follow John Bielinski PA-C’s grading system to find out where you rank when it comes to being ready for the PANCE/PANRE:

80-100% Correct = You are in good shape. You have a strong base understanding of the necessary information.

60-70% Correct = You need to focus on your studies. Find ways to master the topics that you struggle with!

50% or less correct = You are in a bit of trouble, but don’t panic yet. It’s time to find applicable solutions to complement your studies. Try a Board Review Conference our some innovative PANCE/PANRE Review Materials.

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How prepared are you to pass the PANCE/PANRE?

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