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Six Deadly EKG Findings You Should Know

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Six Deadly EKG Findings You Should Know

Learn, Understand and Remember these 6 “Must Know” EKG Findings:

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Our teaching methods at CME4LIFE are developed on the basis that you will be able to remember complex medical topics through the use of out mnemonics. For the six EKG findings that can kill your patient in syncope, we use the following:

P = PE
P = Prolonged QT
Y = WPW or Brugada

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The sidekick is one of the most devastating kicks in martial arts. Powerful, fast and versatile. It’s all in the pivot. You must pop your hips to engage your core. It’s all in that split second pivot. You can’t learn that from a book. You need someone who has thrown tens of thousands of roundhouse kicks.

It’s just like learning ECGs. You can’t learn 12 lead ECG interpretation from a book. There are some fine details that are so subtle that you need a coach. You need to learn in steps. CME4LIFE’s Black Belt ECG program is a solution for those who need to learn 12 lead ECG interpretation for clinical application. We’ve taught ECG interpretation to thousands of providers, CME4LIFE’s Black Belt ECG curriculum is the most efficient and useful system to learn ECGs.

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