The CHF Margarita - Finding the Right Mix for Your Patient

The CHF Margarita - Finding the Right Mix for Your Patient

The “CHF Margarita”

As providers, we often play “bartender” when doling out the right “cocktail” of medication to a patient. We add a splash of beta blocker and a touch of potassium until we get it just right.

We always try to optimize medical management, but often this takes a few visits. Between juggling side effects and renal function with the patients symptoms, you can really tailor the cocktail to their needs. We are often robbing “Peter to pay Paul” as out loop diuretics will often tax the renal system which is already working hard.

One trick we have used is to do QOD dosing on loops and sometimes this will help. So other than the drugs listed in the cocktail, do you have any favorite go to meds?

Explaining the “CHF Margarita” Metaphor:

Margarita Mix = Beta Blocker

Lime = ACEI

Salt = Potassium

Cointreau = Spironolactone

Tequila = LASIX


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John Bielinski PA-C walks you through his method to understand CHF for your PANRE.

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The CHF Margarita - Finding the Right Mix for Your Patient

Jennifer Carlquist

Jennifer works full time in cardiology and part time in an emergency room and urgent care clinic. She has lectured at conferences across the country on EKGs and cardiology related topics and her work has even been published in the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (JAAPA). Jennifer is an alumnus of the University of California, Davis PA Program in Sacramento, CA. “My favorite part about CME4Life is that I have been with the company for eight years now and John always makes the conferences just as fun for the attendees as it is for the speakers.”

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