PA Prep: Bedrock


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PA Prep: Bedrock includes a copy of Dwayne Williams Question and Answer book  and an audio presentation of the book by Michelle Bielinski, PA on CD, USB and from our streaming site.

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PA Prep Bedrock

CME4LIFE’s PA Prep Bedrock package is a new tool for students and current PAs to help prepare for the PANCE/PANRE. This board review product is a combination of two top-selling textbooks written by Dwayne Williams PA-C along with full audio versions of the books recorded by our very own John Bielinski, Jr. PA-C and Michelle Bielinski PA-C. Now you can listen to PANCE Prep Pearls and the PANCE PANRE Question Book on the go!

The second edition of the successful, groundbreaking book PANCE PREP PEARLS has been updated. Easy to follow algorithms and charts to help organize medicine for maximum retention, especially for visual learners. A medical study and review guide for the PANCE, PANRE & general medical examinations. The second edition combines all the essential information needed to ACE medical examinations as well as for clinical use. High-yield information packed into one essential book.

The PANCE PANRE Question Book covers the blueprint topics for the exam laid out by National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants. The detailed explanations of the answer choices help increase comprehension and recall of the material.

PA Prep Bedrock package includes:

(2) Textbooks
PANCE Prep Pearls (2nd Edition) by Dwayne Williams PA-C
PANCE PANRE Question Book by Dwayne Williams PA-C
(2) Audio Books:
PA Prep Cornerstone – This is the audio recording of the PANCE Prep Pearls Textbook done by John Bielinski, Jr. PA-C. Listen with John as he covers the NCCPA Blueprint topics for your certification exam and adds his own insights to help you prepare!
PA Prep Keystone – This is the audio recording of the PANCE PANRE Question Book done by Michelle Bielinski PA-C. This full audio version of the textbook allows you to study and work on questions whenever or wherever you want.
Audio files are available on CD, USB, and on our streaming site.

Approximately 39 hours of audio information.


Contains PANCE/PANRE question book.

PA Prep Keystone (7 DVDs) which are-

1 – Pretest

2 – Exam 1

3 – Exam 2

4 – Exam 3

5 – Exam 4

6 – Exam 5

7 – Exam 6

with streaming audio and audio on flash drive.

Also includes Pance Prep Pearls 2nd Edition book.

Along with PA Prep Cornerstone (15 DVDs) which are-

1 – Cardiovascular

2 – Pulmonary Disorders

3 – Gastrointestinal / Nutritional

4 – Musculoskeletal / Rheumatology

5 – EENT Disorders

6 – Reproductive, Obstetrics & Gynecology

7 – Endocrine

8 – Nephrology & Urology

9 – Neurologic Disorders

10 – Psychiatry & Behavioral Science

11 – Dermatologic Disorders

12 – Infectious Disease

13 – Hematologic Disorders

14 – Pharmacology

15 – Pediatric Blueprint Topics

With streaming audio and audio on flash drive.

AAPA Credit Value:

This program is not currently approved for AAPA Category 1 Credit CME.

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