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Live Self Assessment CME Course – Coming to Texas

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Live Self Assessment CME Course – Coming to Texas

Live Self Assessment CME Course – Coming to Texas

Here at CME4LIFE, we try not to turn our blog into a place to sell, but rather, a system to deliver good information to help medical professionals. Our latest venture to help the PA community is with our Live Self Assessment Tour that we will be having, coming first to the great state of Texas.

I know we have covered a couple different times the new CME requirements so we won’t beat a dead horse, but if you are in your 10 year cycle you will need 20 hours of SA or PI CME in each of your 2 year cycles. Thats where we come in, we are offering 20 hours of Self Assessment CME in a live format that only requires you to sit for 5 hours. How can you do that you ask? (good question by the way) Well, let me tell you.

You come to our course, have some laughs, hang out with some cool people and answer some questions using our audience response system. This process takes 5 hours (the course will be held from 5pm-10pm). You then use the provided material to review the 5 hours of class time (we are now up to 10 hours). We also give you a take home Self Assessment that you do at your leisure. When you take the take-home portion, you grade and assess yourself (hence the self-assessment) provide us with your answers and you get the other 10 hours of credit.


“Well CME4LIFE, I am in my 6 year cycle still, what good is this to me?”

Awesome question CME4LIFE follower. If you are still in your 6 year cycle, you do not need SA or PI CME, however, this course is also good for Category 1 CME. Let me say that again, if you take this course, you will get 20 hours of Category 1 CME! The only thing additional that you have to do is when you go to log your CME hours, you log the course as a SA course (even though you don’t need it) and the NCCPA will automatically change it to Cat 1 CME for you.

Think this all sounds good? Well then do not hesitate, sign up for one of our courses coming to Texas, can’t wait to see everyone there!

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