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Performance Improvement CME (PI CME) and Self-Assessment CME (SA CME)

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Performance Improvement CME (PI CME) and Self-Assessment CME (SA CME)

Performance Improvement CME (PI CME) and Self-Assessment CME (SA CME)


So I am here to (hopefully) clear up some confusion when it comes to Self Assessment CME (SA CME) and Performance Improvement CME (PI CME) and what you need to do in the coming years.

First thing first, you must be in your 10-year rotation for these rules to apply, if you are still in your 6 year rotation and have yet to take the PANRE, this will apply to you after your PANCE when you go to the 10 year rotation. So here we go, I am going to do my best to explain this. If you are in your 10-year cycle, you do not have to retake your boards for another 10 years (YAY!). This 10-year rotation is broken up into 2 year blocks (there are 5, 2-year blocks).

In each of the 2-year blocks, you are required to earn 100 hours of CME. 50 of these hours are category 2 CME, and no one is very concerned about the Cat 2. However the other 50 hours are Category 1 with either SA CME or PI CME. Now, 20 of those hours must be either Self Assessment CME or Performance Improvement CME. If you were to do 20 hours of SA CME as part of your 50 hours in your first 2-year cycle, you would then have to do 20 hours of PI CME in the next 2-year cycle. Make sense? (I hope so because this gets confusing).


You will alternate between SA CME and PI CME for 4 of the 5 cycles. In the 5th 2-year cycle, you do not need to earn any SA or PI CME. When it is all said and done, in your 10 year rotation you will have earned 500 CME hours (250 Cat 2, 250 Cat 1 with 40 of those hours as SA CME and 40 hours of PI CME).

Well hopefully we have that cleared up as far as your requirements, now, what exactly is it? Self Assessment CME is exactly what it sounds like, it is CME designed to assess your own knowledge. This is done in the form of a test. We give you a test (or in the case of our live events, we have live audience responses systems) you take the test, grade yourself based on the answer/explanation sheet, and you assess your own knowledge (not the SA CME name is making sense). You now know where your practice is weak and can adjust and study accordingly. Check out our take home SA CME.

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Personal Improvement CME again is just as it sounds, CME that is designed to improve your practice. Essentially PI CME is a project that we give you to make yourself a better practitioner. Our PI CME is based on Patient Satisfaction, which is a very hot topic. Not only should you make sure that your patients are satisfied because that is good medicine, but institutions are now being reimbursed based on patient satisfaction scores. If you are interested in our PI CME, check it out here.

Well again, I hope that we were able to clear up some confusion about the new CME requirement when it comes to SA CME and PI CME. If you have any questions as always reach out to our awesome team here at CME4LIFE so we can help you out!

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