About CME4Life

Creating engaging CME. Saving lives.

Saving lives – that’s what it’s all about, right? CME helps you become a better, more effective medical provider. And CME4LIFE creates innovative, engaging CME that literally comes alive to help you learn better and faster. We understand that people learn differently and traditional teaching methods aren’t for everyone. Who ever said that busy PowerPoint slides, pie charts and lists were the best way to learn?!

CME4LIFE is different

We understand CME because we are led by an experienced medical provider. John Bielinski, Jr. PA-C  created CME4LIFE because he was frustrated by the CME options available. Growing up a “difficult learner” made school difficult, but the military helped John understand how he could best learn critical information. He applied these techniques when creating CME4LIFE.

Then, he chose a team of passionate, intelligent professionals to join him. Our team is small, passionate, personalized and driven to help you reach your career goals. You’ll never get lost in an 800# or shuffled from customer service rep to customer service rep at CME4LIFE. This is our team, and you’ll always hear from one of us when you have questions or needs.

CME4LIFE provides CME to maximize your mind

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