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Read the CME4Life Blog

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Watch CME4Life on YouTube

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How it All Began

I grews up thinking I was dumb because I learned differently from others. Then I entered the military, where lives depended on my ability to understand and execute. As I began a successful career as a physician assistant and saw how traditional CME shared knowledge, I realized that there had to be a better way. And there was. CME4LIFE offers learning that is: Tried and Tested I’ve refined my methods and content constantly over the past two decades as a PA and college professor. Proven We’ve helped countless clinicians learn, become more efficient and provide better patient care.

CME4LIFE is different.

We understand CME because we are led by an experienced medical provider. John Bielinski, Jr. PA-C  created CME4LIFE because he was frustrated by the CME options available. Growing up a “difficult learner” made school difficult, but the military helped John understand how he could best learn critical information. He applied these techniques when creating CME4LIFE.

Then, he chose a team of passionate, intelligent professionals to join him. Our team is small, passionate, personalized and driven to help you reach your career goals. You’ll never get lost in an 800# or shuffled from customer service rep to customer service rep at CME4LIFE. This is our team, and you’ll always hear from one of us when you have questions or needs.