What Happens If You Fail The Pance

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If you failed your PANCE, we will help. We get it. Email [email protected] to arrange a phone connection. If you need to speak to him immediately, text John at 716.512.5991.

CME4Life PANCE Promise

Have you taken one of our courses in the past and recently failed your PANCE exam? If so, you can attend another board review course for free.

    • Send your test scores to us at [email protected] and a representative will walk you through the next steps.


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Questions of Mastery: A smart study guide to learn all PANCE topics like the back of your hand. Download your copy HERE.

CME4Life PA Prep Flashcards: To access click HERE. You should see two sets, one of them being the “CME4Life PA Prep Flashcards.” Click it and you will receive a password prompt. Password: cme4lifefc.

PANCE Compass: The PANCE Compass provides you the important details to four key questions you must answer when presented with a patient:

What is the patho-physiology?

How do they present?

What is the definitive dx?

What is the treatment?

It’s clean. It’s efficient. It’s to the point.

Get your copy HERE.