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What Makes Our Review Courses So Different

Captivating Course Delivery

Forget dull presentations! Our selected instructors excel in the PANCE/PANRE/PANRE-LA domains and bring each lesson to life. They’re committed to providing you with 30 dynamic hours of education, designed to be as entertaining as they are educational.

Expert-Led Learning

Our courses are led by a single, exceptional instructor whose expertise in PANCE/PANRE/PANRE-LA is unparalleled. These dedicated professionals are chosen for their deep knowledge and proven track record of delivering passing scores, ensuring that every session is insightful, comprehensive, and tailored to help you succeed.

Precision Interactive Learning Management System

Elevate your study experience with our comprehensive Precision Interactive Learning Management System, meticulously designed to facilitate retention and mastery. Our system includes a wide array of resources such as the Precision Guide, Precision Audio, and the full series of PANCE videos. Additionally, you’ll find Precision Flashcards and a collection of slides and mnemonics specifically crafted to demystify complex concepts. The platform also provides ample space for note-taking and offers over 800 Precision Practice Questions, all intended to rigorously test your knowledge and enhance your comprehension.

Precision Testing for Knowledge Assessment

Embark on a journey to success with our newly launched PANCE Precision 4.0 Study System. Designed to deliver a thorough command of the PANCE material, this system serves as a comprehensive portal to understanding each body system in-depth. With clarity and precision, it provides insights and knowledge that build a solid foundation. Our distinctive educational methodology – teach, review, test – not only presents the problems and their categories but also walks you through the solutions. Following every set of three problems, a cumulative question consolidates your learning, ensuring that knowledge is not just acquired but also applied.
To complement this learning experience, we’ve included a vast collection of over 800 practice questions. These are carefully constructed to align with the Precision 4.0 guide, offering you ample opportunities to test your understanding and measure your readiness for the PANCE.

Tailored Analytics from Our Learning Management System

Leverage the sophisticated analytics of our Learning Management System to fine-tune your study regimen. As you progress through the Precision tests, the system meticulously tracks your performance, highlighting your proficiencies and pinpointing areas needing attention. This data-driven feedback is instrumental in crafting a personalized study plan that optimizes your prep time, ensuring an efficient and results-oriented approach to mastering the PANCE.

100% Pass Guarantee

At CME4Life, we stand firmly behind the quality and effectiveness of our PANCE Precision 4.0 Study System. Our unwavering commitment to your success is reflected in our 100% Pass Guarantee. If you engage with our curriculum but do not pass your PANCE, we pledge to support you continuously until you achieve a passing score, at no extra cost. We believe in a partnership approach to your studies, which means if you need additional help after the course, you will be included in a dedicated study cohort. This guarantee is a testament to our confidence in our program and our commitment to your career advancement.
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If you’re on a mission to crush the PANCE and get on with your career, look no further than the PANCE PA Prep Precision 4.0 Study System from CM

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**If unforeseen circumstances occur, CME4Life reserves the right to postpone or cancel any course or conference. CME4Life will refund the registration fee but will not be held responsible for any related expenses incurred by participants.**

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About John Bielinki, Jr.

John Bielinski, Jr. conceptualized CME4LIFE after being frustrated by CME and conferences that focused on learning tools that were…well…boring. He felt there had to be a better way than learning through busy PowerPoint slides or yawn-inducing charts and pie graphs.

Growing up, John struggled in school and was labeled a “difficult” learner. He made his way through classes for children with special needs because he simply couldn’t digest information through traditional teaching methods. He felt inadequate and stupid based on the confines of a broken education system.

Feeling unprepared for college, John joined the United States Marine Corps and was soon deployed to Operation Desert Storm. John’s job was to quickly and accurately recognize armored vehicles to determine which were the “good guys “and which were the “bad guys.” Any mistake could cost American lives.


About Michael Caplan

Michael Caplan MMSc, PA-C, is an esteemed instructor at CME4LIFE, bringing his extensive background in emergency medicine and education to enrich the team. With a commitment to reshaping Continuing Medical Education (CME) through engaging and dynamic content, Michael draws from John Bielinski, Jr.’s vision to innovate CME practices.

His approach is rooted in creating accessible and impactful learning experiences, moving away from traditional, dull methods to interactive sessions that prioritize clarity, engagement, and practical application. Since graduating as a Physician Assistant in 2004, Michael has dedicated himself to emergency medicine and education.

He founded an online Emergency Medicine fellowship program for licensed Physician Assistants in 2018 and has served as a primary lecturer and adjunct lecturer for various Physician Assistant programs over the last 15 years. Michael’s dedication to innovative teaching mirrors CME4LIFE’s mission to revolutionize medical education, making it more effective and empowering for healthcare professionals.

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