2020 Surviving PA School, 2nd Edition

2020 Surviving PA School, 2nd Edition


Are you on your way to PA school? This authoritative guide unlocks the secrets you need to know to excel as a physician assistant student.

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Surviving PA School

Unlock the secrets you need to know to excel as a physician assistant student (PA-S).

Are you on your way to PA school? This authoritative guide is designed to help you get through the adventure ahead. In Surviving PA School: Secrets You Must Unlock to Excel as a Physician Assistant, John Bielinski Jr., MS, PAC, guides you through the process, from selecting a school to selecting your first job, with practical advice and tips you can only gain with experience.

The first chapter gives you the rundown on what you need to know and do before arriving at PA school. You may be surprised by how big this section is! It delves deeply into how to position yourself before PA school, because, as with most things in life, preparation is the key to success. You can prevent a lot of problems by starting with the right tools and mindset. Setting this groundwork will be incredibly valuable down the line.

In the next chapter, John provides an overview of the major landmines of your didactic phase, as well as guidance on how to avoid them. The didactic phase of PA school—your first year, made up of traditional academic classes—is like studying for a big final exam, for a whole year straight. For two semesters, you spend eight hours a day in class, and then you go home and still have four or six hours of studying left. It is almost like you’re learning four years of medical school content in one year. This book shows you how to study the material, move to the next level, and avoid feeling overwhelmed. After reading Surviving PA School’s second chapter, you will have the pearls and the tools for keeping up academically.

In chapter three, you’ll find a guide for your rotations, where you spend three- or four-week cycles in various healthcare facilities gaining hands-on experience. A good student who can get the most out of rotations will be much further ahead than a student who passively goes through rotations. You’ll learn how to develop a deep knowledge base and interact effectively with patients, while also learning the political elements of working with doctors, nurses and ancillary staff.

In the fourth chapter, John takes you through preparing for your Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE). The PANCE is a comprehensive and difficult test. It’s a primary care-based exam that’s almost like an endurance event. To be ready for it, you need the right strategy from day one. With this book in-hand, you will. From utilizing the right tools to managing board anxiety, you’ll finish this chapter with a full understanding of what lays ahead and how to give yourself a solid foundation as you prepare for the PANCE.

In the final chapter, you’re guided into the workplace. It’s time to turn all the effort and commitment you’ve invested into a successful career. But, with so many options, how do you choose the right path? What do you need to start doing today so that, upon certification, you’ll be able to find and pick the right job for you? How do you start building a network today that will serve you when hiring time comes around? With John’s grounded advice, you’ll be well-positioned to make the right decisions as you begin your new profession.


Chapter 1: So, You’re Going to Be a PA Student
Chapter 2: Your First Year: The Didactic Phase
Chapter 3: Your Second Year: The Clinical Phase
Chapter 4: Passing Your Boards: Preparing for the PANCE
Chapter 5: Life After PA School

AAPA Credit Value:

This program is not currently approved for AAPA Category 1 Credit CME.


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2020 Surviving PA School, 2nd Edition

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