PANCE Precision Student Package

PANCE Precision Student Package


Video - About PANCE Precision Student Package:

PANCE Precision Board Review Student Package – Newly recorded PANCE Precision Course (CAT 2 CME)

Includes: PANCE PA Prep Precision 2.0 Study Guide (download only) and Video Slides (streaming only)

Looking for a new study tool to help you pass your certification exam? Need something different to give you that edge and confidence? We’ve packed our entire 5-Day 40 hour PA Board review course into a convenient video series that you can use as the ultimate study tool. Act as if you are one of our attendees – enjoy John’s engaging teaching style, access exclusive tips and study strategies, and listen to critical questions and answers from the audience!

We are changing the way PA students approach the certification exam. Access our concentrated “smart study” system to give you what you need to pass your PANCE/PANRE! Looking for an easy way to fit studying for your boards into your demanding life?

CME4LIFE helps you reinforce your learning and deepen your understanding of clinically relevant topics – all from the comfort of your home. This is a COMPLETE board review program.  All topics will be covered, as set by the NCCPA’s template, yet taught with “Active Engagement Learning.”

Enjoy a richer and more convenient CME experience with our video series. Whether in class or in between class, you can literally access a world of medical education at your own pace – right at your fingertips.

*Please note:  John likes to mix things up to keep you on your toes, some of the slides do not completely follow the order of the videos, be prepared to take notes for this reason.


  •  MSK/GI

Teaching PANCE review is a dynamic process.  The speaker reserves the right to alter the topics based on class necessity.

The best way to learn with CME4Life’s Active Engagement System is with a blank notebook.  The slides will be provided for you, yet people tend to get cognitively inefficient when they have the slides to lean on.

This course will be different from how you have been taught in the past.  There will be repetition and cross pollination of content so you can see similarities and contrasts. For some students this may seem distracting, yet it will help you connect dots at a much higher level. We can’t speak only on cardiology when talking about chest pain because a pulmonary embolism can present as chest pain, yet that’s considered a pulmonary pathology. Without lateral learning this won’t be put in context.

This course will use several mnemonics that are repeated and shown how to be useful on the test. Keep an open mind.  Most board review courses say here’s the information you need to remember it. With CME4Life’s Active Engagement Learning, we will teach you what’s important and how to remember it and how to recall it.

The PANCE review days are long.  Prepare for it.  This is by design.  The PANCE is a long test! So, consider these days training for game day.  So, for any big game, you need to prepare; hydrate and have caffeine available.  Don’t get us wrong, often students can’t believe how fast the days go by, and the Active Engagement Learning system makes learning empowering and exciting.

What is the PANCE PA Prep Precision 2.0 Study Guide from CME4Life?

The PANCE Precision is your key to passing the PANCE by 100 points!

When someone fails the PANCE the NCCPA provides approximately 20 types of questions that the student missed for the student to remediate. This is very clear then that this type of question is on the PANCE.  CME4Life has worked with thousands of students over the years through various PA schools.  Whenever a student fails the email, we incorporate their missed types of questions into our study methodology.

This is an ethical way to know what the NCCPA is asking.

Students who master the PANCE Precision crush their PANCE by 100 points.

Here is a recent testimonial of a student who failed their PANCE and then increased her score by 140 points using our system.

Recent testimonial: HERE

AAPA Credit Value:

This program is not currently approved for AAPA Category 1 Credit CME.




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