Community Involvement

We ask our employees what they are passionate about…
community. We don’t to just be part of a community; want to grow and better it.

Community Involvement

Our Local Community

In May of 2021, our employees have nominated a local charity Resurrection House of Sarasota to work with. A501 ©(3) non-profit, faith based organisation, Resurrection House serves as a day resource center to the homeless of Sarasota County, Florida. Founded in 1989, they have seen over 30,000 clients. They offer a wide variety of services for their clients including, medical treatment, food, clothing, veteran’s assistance, post office, showers, restrooms, laundry and counseling.

At Resurrection House Everyone Matters!!

Community Involvement

To learn more about Resurrection House please check out their website at:

Medical Mission Trip

Community Involvement

John’s Medical Mission Trip

Our very own John Bielinski joined the Medical Mission Team in Madagascar in October 2016.

The Medical Mission Team is an organization dedicated to providing medical care to poor areas of the world. Often, these areas lack adequate medical personnel to serve the population. In the field, the Medical Mission Team provides services that range from educational campaigns, to maternal and pediatric care, to fighting neglected diseases, to complex surgery.

The Medical Mission Team also advocates for affordable, high-quality medicines for the world’s poorest people. The Medical Mission Team is a Christian based organization that maintains a code of conduct for anyone joining a mission.

Community Involvement

About Medical Mission Teams

Medical Mission Teams are an organization dedicated to providing medical care to poor areas of the world.  Often, these areas also lack adequate medical personnel to serve the population.  As they also precept for pharmacy students, we take precautions to maintain a safe and healthy environment.  We purposely avoid dangerous countries and are a great place for a first time medical mission tripper to begin.  We go to some unusual places as well and are planning on expanding our mission base.  Currently we go regularly to Western Kenya and Madagascar.  We are making contact with places in Tanzania, Uganda and Peru with hopes of adding these to our regular places to provide ongoing, short term, medical care.  We are a Christian based organization and, as such, have a code of conduct for those coming on the trips.  We believe strongly in protecting oneself against endemic diseases and will provide information regarding necessary precautions.