UpcomingElemental Medicine-PANRE Board Review Course-Live Webinar
Dates:Tue Feb 21, 2023 - Fri Feb 24, 2023
Location:Virtual Classroom
Schedule:8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST

This course is designed to optimize your preparation for the PANRE and PANRE LA. This is strategic studying based on the content blueprint and the most recent developments on how to prepare.

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You will have pre coursework to include the cardiac risk factors and a video discussing the “red light” topics that you must know for your PANRE.

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This program is not yet approved for CME credit. Conference organizers plan to apply for 30.00 AAPA Category 1 CME credits from the AAPA Review Panel. The total number of credits is yet to be determined.



Day 1

  1. Intro – Cardiology:


2. Pulm:


3. Reproductive:



Day 2

  1. GI:

Appy/Constipation/GERD/IBS/Biliary Disease/SBO/Pancreatitis

2. Musculoskeletal:

OA/RA/Low Back Pain (Cauda Equina)/Septic Joint/Gout/Pseudogout/CTS/Lateral and Medical Epicondylitis/De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

3. Derm:

Skins Infections/Acne/Herpes/Lipomas/Ganglion Cysts/Burns/Molluscum Contagiosum/Fungal/Rosea


Day 3

  1. EENT:

Pharyngitis/OM/Sinusitis/Epistasis/Thrush/Vertigo/Chalazion and Hordeolum/Corneal Abrasion/Retinal Detachment/Glaucoma

2. Endocrine:

DM/Metabolic Syndrome/Obesity/Hypothyroidism/Osteoporosis/Thyroid Disease

3. Neuro:



Day 4

  1. Infectious Disease:

Upper Airway Bugs/OM/Pharyngitis/Lung/UTI and Pyelo/STI/Cellulitis/Chicken Pox/Varicella/Influenza/Pediatric Rashes/Meningitis

2. GU/Renal:

Stones/Testicle (infection/torsion)/BPH/Incontinence/ED/Prostatitis/Renal Failure

3. Heme:

Anemia/B12 & Folate Deficiency/Iron Deficiency

  1. Psych:




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