What’s Your Learning Style?

Find out which CME option is right for you!

Our teaching methods at CME4LIFE are developed on the basis that not everyone learns the same. We tackle complex medical topics with an approach that is easy to understand and allows you to develop critical thinking skills that are applicable in any situation. Can you select which of these learning styles best fits your interests?

Traditional Learner

Are you looking to stick to traditional CME methods by attending a live course? For some medical professionals, the best way to learn is to attend a conference and gather information first-hand by listening to a well-educated instructor. These events usually span across 3 to 4 days. You’ll study a large number of medical topics, delivered through the engaging and captivating teaching style of John Bielinski Jr., PA-C. Get your notebooks ready, bring your willingness to learn, and be a part of our movement to change the way people think about medical education conferences!

Which CME4LIFE option is for you?

Attend our 3-Day Acute Care/Emergency Medicine Conference for lecture-based sessions with powerful mnemonics and innovative study techniques. For current students or re-certification, we advise you to check out our PANCE/PANRE review course.

Proactive Learner

Do you want CME that will test your skills and can be directly implemented into your practice? This is for the “go-getters”. Dive into the aspects of your practice that allow you to deliver exceptional patient care. You’ll become a better clinician by going through our 3-stage process of evaluation, applying changes/improvements, and comparing “before and after” data to analyze results.

Which CME4LIFE option is for you?

We offer “at home” Performance Improvement materials for Patient Satisfaction and Medical Malpractice. This CME activity can be completed on your own time. Also, the first 20 PI-CME credits logged during every 2-year cycle will be doubled when logged by NCCPA.

Active Learner

You are ready to be involved in an interactive educational experience to fulfill your CME credit hours. Your mission is to have fun and be engaged during the event with interesting case studies that test your critical thinking skills. You want to get the ultimate CME value without the time commitment.

Which CME4LIFE option is for you?

Get the engaging and impactful experience that you need to become a better clinician. Sign up for one of our CME4LIFE One-day Regional Event (CORE) Acute Care or Orthopedic Challenges. This event will change the way you learn medicine! *Earn up to 30 hours of AAPA Category 1 SA CME Credit with completion of our live course and take-home assignment.

The fact is, we have something for everyone! We encourage you to view our full conference listing for 2016-17 or check out our wide product selection for at home CME materials.

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