How will decreasing

the 30-day readmission rate affect your bottom line?

We can help.How?

It’s about nurses being nurses


  • Reignite the commitment to excellent patient care
  • Teach tools of communication with family and providers to provide clarity
  • Share tools of early detection for those patients that in three days will decompensate and encourage proactive nursing.

We have done this at numerous nursing homes to rave reviews and a decreased readmission 30% over a 4 month period.

John Bielinski, Jr, is a hosptialist and emergency medicine trained Physician Assistant with over 30 years of clinical care and educational experience. John understands nursing home care and the strengths and challenges nurses face. Using simplified tools and motivational techniques taught in the Dale Carnegie curriculum, John empowers and inspires. This is critical today as nursing home burnout is at an all-time high.

Here’s a brief video description: Reduce Readmission Info Here

John provides innovative solutions for improving the paradigm during care transitions.