Because emergency medicine CME could mean the difference between life or death.

In emergency medicine, who knows what a shift could bring? From a patient in cardiac arrest to a severe head wound, you have to think on your feet. Making split-second decisions literally means the difference between life or death.

So how would you rather learn about the latest advancements in EM? PowerPoints? Pie Charts?


Cutting-Edge EM CME.

Emergency medicine is constantly evolving, and staying at the top of your game depends on EM CME that delivers. CME4LIFE offers emergency medicine CME that shares expertise and insights from leading EM physicians to help you be more effective.

Easy Learning.

CME4LIFE Owner John Bielinski, Jr. struggled with learning during his childhood years. The fact is, most people don’t learn effectively through traditional classroom methods…yet a majority of EM CME uses those same methods! John has spent years developing and honing “Active Engagement Learning” to make learning and retaining critical EM CME easy and fun.

Personalized Service.

Our team is sharp, nimble and small. That means that you’ll always speak to a member of our team when you call. And you’ll always get an email back from Jill when you reach out. Because at CME4LIFE, you’re not a customer, you’re a member of our community.


CME4LIFE EM CME can help you save more lives.

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