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How do streaming CME products help in balancing work life and upgrading your knowledge?

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How do streaming CME products help in balancing work life and upgrading your knowledge?

Earn CME credits by streaming CME

As a healthcare physician associate, you know the importance of keeping abreast with the latest innovations, technologies, and practices in your profession, through ongoing education. You might even live in a state where CME credits are essential to maintain your license to practice. CME is a core component of continuous professional development, but traditional CME fails to fit the current needs of today’s clinicians:

  • 1.Physician associates and other healthcare professionals do not have the time to devote to conventional CME.
  • 2.Traditional CME courses have minimal impact on physician associate behavior and patient outcomes.
  • 3.Traditional CME courses are bound by place and time, which is a significant limitation.

By streaming CME products, you can overcome all those challenges and more. Here is a look at the benefits of streaming CME products.

Streamed CME products give you the credits you need

Live CME medical conferences are fantastic for healthcare professionals, but not everyone can attend these conferences. Through recorded/offline CME products, providers can provide education and exchange health information over a distance without the need to move participants.
Thanks to new technological innovations, you can now get the same credits that you would get by attending a live CME conference without leaving the comfort of your home.

Streamed CME products are effective.

Streamed CME products have the potential of implementing the type of interactivity that characterizes effective CME. Physician associates can interact with peers and learn from them. They would collaborate to manage sample cases that were presented via a streaming video and online medical chart.

Virtual learning caters to multiple learning styles.

Everyone has their unique learning style. While some prefer to read information, others prefer to listen to online podcasts. Still, others might like information to be presented more visually (graphics, diagrams, and so on). Streaming courses cater to adult learning and adult learning styles and are available in various formats, and physicians can choose any of these formats that suit their learning style.

You can choose your topics and specialties.

Unlike traditional live seminars with a fixed curriculum, here, you can choose topics of interest with virtual CME. So, rather than sitting through hours of lectures that are irrelevant, you can proactively search for courses on topics related to your areas of interest and specialization. You can also choose a provider based on their credentials and course assessment tasks, learning outcomes, and instructional methods.

Streamed virtual courses satisfy your state’s requirements.

Streamed virtual CME satisfies state requirements, provided a credible course provider creates the courses. AAPA has a list of over 2,000 CME providers on its website.
While all online courses satisfy state requirements (no matter which state you belong to within the United States), verify the required type of credits. Most states require a part of the credits to be AAPA Category 1 credits. Check the provider’s accreditation before signing up for a course.

Virtual CME makes up for what traditional CME lacks.

Maintaining lifelong skills and knowledge are critical for safe clinical practice. It has been established that continuing medical education can facilitate lifelong learning. However, traditional CME has its limitations. Online courses offer a credible, on-demand, high-impact source of CME for physicians and other healthcare workers. Plus, they are flexible, on-demand courses that fit any lifestyle, are economical, and offer quick results. Equally importantly, they fulfill state requirements and are exceptionally practical.

CME4Life provides hundreds of AAPA Category 1 and Category 2 CME courses designed to upgrade your knowledge and stay current. The company also hosts conferences that are recorded for take-home materials and a wide variety of video review series. What sets the company apart from other CME providers is that every course is based on active engagement learning.

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