Experience innovative learning and find out the secrets to passing your PANCE or PANRE.

CME4LIFE Founder and CEO John Bielinski is a veteran certified Physician Assistant with years of proven success teaching others how to conquer their board exam. At CME4LIFE, we understand that taking the PANCE and PANRE can be stressful. We also realize that reviewing the material you need to pass the boards can be…well…boring.

NEWS FLASH: Studying for your boards doesn’t have to be boring!

John was fed up with “traditional” CME conferences and training techniques. You know…the kind of the conferences that force you to digest hours of PowerPoint lectures, pie charts and graphs…and puts you to sleep? Well, John and CME4LIFE have created their system to help you avoid just that! John has developed a comprehensive review strategy that utilizes engaging, memorable, and fun teaching styles to help PAs master the fundamentals of the boards and how to recall the information in a high stakes test environment.

Don’t believe us?? Come to a CME4LIFE Physician Assistant Board Review conference and see for yourself!

“We’ve Got Your Back” Guarantee”

If you attend our conference and fail your boards, that means we’ve failed you. We are absolutely committed to helping you obtain your goal! That being said, if you attend our program and fail your board exam, we promise you this:

  • You can select another one of our PA Board Review Courses & attend for FREE.
  • John Bielinski will offer 1-on-1 consultation and act as your personal mentor.

We are very confident that you will pass with the help of our course. Sign up today!

PA Boards Review

What is this PA boards review event all about?

This course is for newly graduated PA students or practicing PAs. Any PA who thinks they need better tools and study methods for the PANCE or PANRE. The time and money invested by taking this course will be a smart investment in your career as a physician assistant.

At CME4LIFE, our goal is to provide you with the BEST  PA Board Review conference that you will ever attend. You will be actively engaged the entire time and when you used to find yourself “skipping a lecture” or “taking an extended break” during other events, this will NOT happen at CME4LIFE. Simply put, you will not want to miss anything!  Maximize your mind and maximize your chance to pass the PANCE/PANRE the FIRST time!

Have a great time while you’re here.

We only pick the most premier destinations for our PANCE/PANRE review conferences. This decision is made with you in mind so that we can ensure that you’ll have plenty to do when we aren’t learning! After we finish our sessions in the beginning of each day, go out and enjoy the beautiful surrounding area. We make sure that our conferences are both an exceptional leaning experience as well as a relaxing get away for you and your family or significant other.

This board review event was designed by a PA for PAs. We want you to be blown away by the experience we offer! So, come join us to see how John Bielinski and CME4Life are transforming physician assistant board review conferences.

Our Upcoming Conferences

CME4LIFE is revolutionizing CME conferences, and our PA Board Review events are helping people across the country pass the PANCE and PANRE.