The PANCE is Changing

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“… 2019 will be slightly lower [PANCE] than the past few years”

Dawn Morton-Rias, EdD PA-C NCCPA CEO
April 26, 2019

For 2019 the NCCPA has officially stated the standards on the PANCE have changed and more people will fail the PANCE.

A major, unnamed PA program PANCE in 2019 has dropped their pass rate from 97% to 75%!

What can you do to get ahead of this threat? Find out now…

The New 2019 PANCE Test Questions

PANCE 2019 Questions of Mastery

PANCE 2019 Breakdown Study Tactic

What has changed in the 2019 PANCE?

How does CME4Life optimize PANCE scores for PA schools?

What is the best book to prepare for the PANCE now that it has changed?

Resources from CME4LIFE.

Valuable PANRE 2019 articles by CME4Life.

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