John Bielinski, MS PA-C

After completing his degree, John Bielinski moved into clinical practice and threw himself into learning medicine at an extremely high level. He applied the techniques he had learned during his undergraduate studies to learn and remember medicine. Flashcards and memory tricks provided a solid foundation for retaining information that was critical to saving lives. He retained the information and remembered it at critical times. He developed consistent, high-caliber, reproducible systems of assessing patients. Systems for evaluating patients with various symptoms. John ran a rural emergency department for nine years without a physician on-site. He took the opportunity and applied the techniques he had so carefully honed firsthand. John Bielinski got results. He took that success a step further and began teaching Advanced Cardiac Life Support and later an AHA course called Advanced Cardiac Life Support for the Experienced Provider. Feeding his passion for learning, John developed a new passion for teaching. Through teaching, his knowledge deepened as well. He taught for 10 years at two physician assistant schools in Buffalo, New York, and taped some of his lessons. Those videotaped lessons eventually turned into CME4LIFE.