Rethink The Way You Learn Medicine!

Bring CME4LIFE to your next meeting or conference.

At CME4LIFE, we take pride in being able to teach our participants how to understand, learn, and apply medical principles like no other educators in the industry. Our "Active Engagement Learning" system helps you maximize your potential as a medical provider.
What sets us apart?
  • Certified instructors with hands-on industry knowledge.
  • Unique teaching fundamentals.
  • Educational content tailored for your organization.

The CME4LIFE Team offers:

  • 4-Day Board Review and Prep Courses
  • Self-Assessment CME Workshops
    • Patient Care, Acute care, Orthopedic, or Cardiology
  • Performance Improvement CME
    • Patient Satisfaction or Medical Malpractice
  • Lecture Topics:
    • Medical errors
    • Influence – how do we get patients to say ‘yes’?
    • Minimizing medical liability
    • Reading EKGs
    • Excellence in bed side manner
    • Emergency medicine
    • And more!

Whether you need an intensive 1 day course or 1 hour workshops, contact CME4LIFE to change the way your organization learns about medicine:


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