Extremely good PANCE board review course before exam. Allowed me to see the areas I felt confident in and areas to study more before my exam. Great mnemonics to help me remember information!


John has a mastery of teaching students to succeed in passing the PANCE. I love his approach and students benefit from his engaging style.


Overall, I think this course is great for any student preparing for their PANCE. John has so much passion for teaching and has developed creative ways to remember concepts that you may have not been able to remember before. I would highly recommend!!


Don't hesitate, use CME4Life if preparing for the PANCE. I did two different review courses and can without a doubt say that their student precision video series was far more superior and I honestly remember so many things from the lectures. The lectures not only helped me on the test, help in clinical practice. I don't know how they made a video lecture so engaging, but they did!


John was an excellent educator, teacher and kept the course moving throughout our long days. The mnemonics were highly effective and I feel prepared for the PANCE after this course. Thank you John and the CME4LIFE team for all of your work and passion!