Brian Dessel, PA-C

Brian Dessel, a seasoned expert, is at the forefront of medical education. Currently residing in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Brian's career is marked by a rich tapestry of experiences in civilian and military settings.
Professional Highlights:
Brian's expertise extends across critical roles with prestigious organizations like Surefox Physical Risk Management Firm, Engineering and Testing Services (ETS), and Battelle Critical Care COVID-19 Decontamination Systems. As a Medical Risk Management Consultant and Team Leader, Brian has spearheaded initiatives in crisis response and medical logistics, leaving an indelible mark on the field.
United States Department of State Anti-terrorism Program (ATA):
Brian's association with the ATA program underscores his dedication to global security. Serving as a Team Leader and Staff Instructor, he has delivered transformative courses such as Advanced Tactical Medicine, Crisis Response Team training, and Explosive Incident Management, shaping the skills of professionals worldwide.
Educational Background:
Brian holds a Master's Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from the School of Physician Assistant Studies at South College, Knoxville, TN, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science from Touro University. His academic prowess, coupled with hands-on experience, positions him as a dynamic speaker and educator.
Military Experience:
Brian's background as an Independent Duty Corpsman (IDC) with the Naval Special Warfare Development Group and Naval Special Warfare Unit 3 underscores his commitment to service. Deployed to conflict zones in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Kenya, Brian's leadership and clinical skills have been tested under pressure, offering invaluable insights into tactical medicine and emergency response.
Speaker Profile:
Brian is renowned for his engaging presentations, particularly in the realm of tactical medicine and trauma management. As a leading speaker on trauma courses with CME4Life, Brian leverages his practical experience and academic knowledge to deliver impactful sessions that resonate with participants.