Emergency Medicine Combo Savings Package

Emergency Medicine Combo Savings Package


Includes a $2,000 Gift Card.


This CME program is like an at-home residency in emergency medicine designed to increase your confidence and competence and is approved for 14 Hours Category 1 CME Credits.

Emergency Medicine Combo Savings PackageEmergency Medicine Combo Savings Package

This is CME program includes:

  • Demystifying Emergency Medicine Recorded LIVE USB

  • Burnout in Medicine – Tools of Practical Application

  • Plus a $2,000 gift card!

This is to empower mobile learning. Learning medicine in this virtual age has never been easier!

Demystifying Emergency Medicine Recorded LIVE USB

This is designed for physician assistants and nurse practitioner colleagues. You will earn the respect of physicians, nurses, and patients in urgent care.

If you take care of patients with chest pain, shortness of breath or abdominal pain, this program is perfect for you! Demystifying Emergency Medicine has been taught to thousands of clinicians and has been proven to increase your confidence and competence.

You will learn battle tested concepts unavailable anywhere else!

My name is John Bielinski.  I am a PA for over 20 years, always working in emergency medicine and critical care.  AND, I have mainly worked alone.  Meaning, I work in a critical access setting.  So, I had to get gain competence while working alone and by myself.  I developed a number of systems of evaluating complicated patients.  And, it worked.  I have cared for countless critically ill patients with confidence and competence and have earned the respect of physicians I have worked with.  More importantly, I have taught these principles internationally to thousands of clinicians through our videos, live programs and out podcast Talk EM.

Demystifying Emergency Medicine will teach practitioners how to not miss a lethal heart attack, how to not get burned in medicine, how to document sound medical judgement and avoid negligence. Enjoy learning ease-to-recall information regarding clinical laboratory medicine, pulmonary medicine, CXR interpretation, chest pain, 12 lead EKG, and common complaints in the ER.

  • Laboratory Medicine
    • Hyponatremia
    • Hypernatremia
    • Hyperkalemia
    • Renal functions
    • Hepatic functions
    • ABGs (wait until you learn it OUR way! Easy peasy)
    • Cardiac Enzymes
  • Shortness of Breath
    • Learn the “HORID” mnemonic
      • H=Heart
      • O=Obstruction
      • R-Reactive
      • I=Infection
      • D=Death
    • Learn CXR interpretation
      • Technique: “RIP’t ROAR ABCs” Technique
  • Chest Pain
    • Learn the “PAPPA” mnemonic
      • P=Pericarditis
      • A=ACS
      • P=PE
      • P=Pneumothorax
      • A=Aneurysm
    • Pearls of ECG Interpretation mnemonics
      • ST Segment elevation – APPLE
      • ST Segment depression – DRIL
      • Wide Complex QRS – CVS
      • Flipped T Waves – SLIP
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Headache

Contains 4GB USB flash drive containing .pdf workbook with entire slideshow.

Also, 16GB USB flash drive containing 4 videos of John Bielinski teaching LIVE.

Burnout in Medicine Recorded LIVE USB (3 Videos)

Burnout in medicine is real.  From EMR, to physicians utilizing APPs as assets and not providers, to insurance company regulations and demanding patients.  This lecture focuses on paradigm changes to restructure our psychology in medicine and provide strategies to rekindle the spark.

After completing this course, participate will be able to know the four components of emotional intelligence and key point indicator for setting and achieving goals to improve performance at work

This course focus on how to re-kindle your spark in medicine and prevent/mitigate burnout. Burnout is a personal problem.  We will discuss the burnout rate and literature revolving around statistics, but this course is for those who are presently struggling or, wants to take steps to mitigate that risk.  We will focus on the provider and their locus of control.

  • John Bielinski, PA-C
  • Crystal Pompos, MSN, RN, MBA
  • Erica Benedicto, PA-C, MPH, PYT

John’s Burnout objectives:

  1. Steps to optimize the patient experience
  2. Explore goal setting an visualization to mitigate provider burnout
  3. Review personal motivation in choosing medical care as a profession
  4. Provide tools of responsibility and locus of control in patient care
  5. Review the Stockdale Paradox in preventing burnout
  6. Utilize a cognitive tool to increase the gap between stimulus and response
  7. Describe the three tools of controlling your emotional states
  8. Describe the four empowering focus points to control meaning/perspective

Erica’s Objectives:

  1. Define the body’s response to stress and the role it plays in the development of chronic symptoms and diseases.
  2. Recognize the link between mindful medicine and chronic disease management.
  3. Develop skills and experience in a variety of mindfulness/meditation methods to use in clinical practice.
  4. Understand importance of integrating a mindful medicine practice into own life in order to impact patient’s lives.

Crystal’s Burnout objectives:

  1. Define the 3 components of burnout
  2. Gain an awareness of mental health statistics
  3. Identify 5 steps to continuous progress and prevention of burnout
  4. Describe how the 4 segments of energy impact the components of burnout
  5. Identify gaps in your energy segments
  6. Establish small habits that you can start immediately to support the segments of energy in your life


USB flash drive containing video of LIVE teaching and accompanying presentation in PDF format.

AAPA Credit Value:

Demystifying Emergency Medicine Recorded LIVE USB
Emergency Medicine Combo Savings Package Approved for 9 AAPA Category 1 CME

This activity has been reviewed by the AAPA Review Panel and is compliant with AAPA CME Criteria. This activity is designated for 9 AAPA Category 1 CME credits. Approval is valid from 1/2/2021 to 1/2/2022 . PAs should only claim credit commensurate with the extent of their participation. AAPA reference number: CME-201786.

Burnout in Medicine Recorded LIVE USB
Emergency Medicine Combo Savings Package
Approved for 5 AAPA Category 1 CME Credits.

This activity has been reviewed by the AAPA Review Panel and is compliant with AAPA CME Criteria. This activity is designated for 10.00 AAPA Category 1 CME credits. Approval is valid for one year from 1/1/2020. PAs should only claim credit commensurate with the extent of their participation.


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Emergency Medicine Combo Savings Package

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