Critical information to meet your unique CME needs.

If you’ve ever worked in a rural ER, you know that it’s unlike any other medical assignment. CME4LIFE Owner John Bielinski, Jr. ran a rural ER for nine years, and he understands that the challenges facing rural EM professionals are truly unique. CME4LIFE rural EM CME was designed specifically for you.

With CME4LIFE rural EM CME, you’ll get:

Access to cutting-edge, critical information.

Whether you’re in the middle of New York City or in the outskirts of Texas, you need the same cutting-edge medical information to make key patient care decisions and save lives. CME4LIFE rural EM CME contains critical information from leading medical research and news. We provide you with the information you need to know to be a more efficient medical provider.

Rural EM CME designed for you.

Split-second decisions mean you don’t have time to second guess yourself. The information you gain from rural EM CME has to be presented in a unique way to ensure you’re able to retain and recall that information during critical situations. CME4LIFE has designed its rural EM CME to do just that – through a system we call “Active Engagement Learning,” we present our information in a way that helps you process and retain key information for when you need it most.

Truly exceptional service.

You won’t get lost in the shuffle at CME4LIFE, because we’re not a huge warehouse or call center, we’re a small office outside Buffalo, New York. Our customer service team is our team, so when you contact us you’ll always speak to a passionate, knowledgeable, key member of the CME4LIFE team. Go ahead, give us a call. You’ll talk to one of us!

Rural EM CME designed for you.

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