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Banned by CME Resources

John Bielinski, MS PA-C By October 20, 2015December 16th, 202110 Comments
Banned by CME Resources

Banned by CME Resources

CME Resources


So as an educator, and business owner, I am always looking to grow. I also feel it is my duty as an educator to learn of any new practices so I can bring them to my own teachings and ultimately help the PA community. To further my growth, I wanted to attend a CME Resources conference, especially since I am asked quite often about what I think of their courses. I wanted to be able to provide an opinion based on my own personal experience instead of an uninformed one. However, as you can see from the letter, I was refused. After receiving the letter refusing my acceptance to CME Resources, I wrote back:




I received your certified letter.  I appreciate the update.

I invite you (or a representative) from CME Resources to attend one of our conferences as my personal guest.  I feel it’s good for the physician assistant community we serve to provide the best educational experience, with the best ideas.

At CME4LIFE, we have a total of 37,000 followers on our social media network, I am constantly being asked about your program.  I felt attending your program was a way for me to learn and grow, as well as provide a first-hand, open minded understanding of what you do.

Being banned from CME Resources will create a social media buzz that I would rather avoid.

I would like for you to reconsider allowing me to attend, but I respect if you refuse.


John Bielinski, Jr. MS, PAC



My email to CME Resources went unanswered.


At CME4LIFE, we do not leave anyone out. Actually the complete opposite, we GUARANTEE that you will pass your boards and we back that up with our EXTREME GUARANTEE. Check out our upcoming conferences if you want a CME company that has your back!

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  • Patricia says:

    Wow! So you’re being discriminated against. Just goes to show that they are intimidated by your business.

  • Jess Bridges says:

    How a company conducts business is very revealing about the company’s moral compass. I will not be using CME resources

  • Joleen says:

    That is disappointing.
    However, as someone who has attended both conferences, I would like to mention that I got more out of the CME4Life PANRE review than I did out of CME Resources. Not to mention that CME4Life was much more enjoyable and engaging.

  • John Bielinski says:

    Here’s a video response, as promised.

  • Angi says:

    I recently attended the 5-day CME Resources course in Vegas and DID NOT pass the PANCE. They wrote me a letter saying that they wouldn’t refund my money because my CME test scores were 1% below their 65% guaranteed standard. I called to find out how they determined the 1% difference when I had all my test scores in front of me and didn’t see the logic. I was also told at the conference that my test scores were great, that I was within the standard for passing the PANCE, as compared to my fellow attendees. After some negotiating, they finally chose to refund the conference cost – minus the administrative fee (which I understand) and $300 for the food I ate while there. Hmmmmmm. I don’t remember eating that much food! Regarding your question on “reading slides” — yes!! That’s mostly what they did. They told us it was too much info to try to ‘understand’ and to merely memorize as much as possible then ‘dump it’ when done. Another hmmmmmm.

  • Here’s a comment to this video from our YouTube channel:

    thephelixph 14 hours ago

    John – I teach for CME and do not just “read slides”. I was also a course attendee twice and found that each instructor – all PAs who are experts in their fields – nailed not only the pertinent content for the test, but went beyond to provide – as you call it – understanding. I don’t doubt that you can also provide a reasonable test prep experience. However, please refrain from making assumptions about those of us who teach.
    Reply ·

    John Bielinski 7 hours ago

    I respect what you are saying and respect the efforts of all PAs that teach. This is not a commentary about individual instructors. Make no mistake, I love PAs. I love teaching. And, I love educators.

    Your feedback is the first I have heard from any representative from CME Resource. They have not responded to my emails. So thank you.

    As I now teach at a bunch of PA schools and work with countless numbers of PAs as a mentor and an instructor, I wanted to know, first hand, the teaching style of CME Resources. That is why I wanted to attend their program —- yet was banned.

    With as many programs that CME Resources runs per month, there has to be many different instructors. I question if there is standard, cookie-cutter content and PAs just reading the content. I have been told that reading from slides is the method of teaching for CME Resources by a number of students. That technique maybe just what is needed for some. That doesn’t mean it wrong, it’s just the opposite of my teaching style.

    If yourself (or an CME Resources instructor) would like to be a part of innovative & engaging educational system, I would love to talk to you about joining CME4Life, LLC.

    I am only looking for passionate rock stars. If that’s you, please contact me.

    Again, thank you for your message.

  • We are planning our board review course in Feb in Baltimore. Stay tune. If you signed up for another board review course and they charge an administration fee to cancel, we will refund you that money to join us.

  • This is the same when looking at references for a potential employee: a lack of enthusiasm is a bad sign. When you ask ANYONE that has taken the CME Resources board review course, how do the act? Are they excited? Happy? Or… flat? Blah blah blah… Ask someone who has attended our board review program You will get excitement. Sparks. Giddy smiles and enthusiasm. Why? Because, when you are really learning… learning is fun. When you are really engaged, three 10 hour days flies by. BUT… is out approach effective?

    “I passed!! I just wanted to say it was because of CME4LIFE, thank you John Bielinski, for providing the resources to make this happen! The 3-day review course was so informative and fun!! I used the flash cards and listened to the CD’s often! I even heard you talking to me while taking the test and I knew so many answers without even finishing the question. You have no idea how relieved I am!!”

    -Heather Palmer PA-C La Quinta, CA

  • I just had two people at our Baltimore conference discuss their frustration with CME Resources.

    The discussion was with their “100% Guarantee.” When they failed their boards, they were given back less than half of their registration cost.

    Here is CME Resources’ guarantee:

    “We are so confident in our PANCE/PANRE review course, that we offer a 100% Guarantee. If you are a certified PA or PA student (within 6 months of graduation) and you do not pass your primary care boards within 6 weeks of completion of our course, we will refund your conference cost minus a $50 administrative fee and food costs. Course completion includes: Full 5-day (43 hours) or 3-day (26 hours) attendance and completion of exams on-site scoring 65% or better.”

    But, food cost about $$70-100/day! So, you have to pay an administrative fee of $50, and $210-$300 per day for food. So… let’s be honest. This isn’t a 100% Guarantee.

    Ask about CME4Life’s Extreme Guarantee. Administration fee? Never. Refund your money… including food costs? Absolutely. Pay for you to take another board review course? Indeed. AND… pay for you to re-take your boards? We do that too.

    We deeply care about our PA community. Why? Because I am a PA. Make sure you ask any PANCE/PANRE review owner if they are a PA.

    If you failed your boards after our program, we are invested. Period. Ask any other board review program is they will match our Extreme Guarantee. If they do, trust them and go to their program.

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