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Secrets of Bedside Manner

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Secrets of Bedside Manner

Secrets of Bedside Manner

I was fired from my job as an emergency room physician assistant only after working there for a year. It was my first job after I graduated from physician assistant school. I was called into the office by the emergency department director and nurse manager and told to find a new job. It was explained, that if I leave quietly, they would give me a good reference. However, if I make it difficult, they would fire me and not give a good reference. That was absolutely devastating; it was one of the worse things that had ever happened in my life.

My problem wasn’t medically. It was socially. I had brought a military attitude into a civilian emergency room. I upset key people in the hospital; doctors, consultants and nurses. That spilled over into patients. I always thought if I worked hard, stayed late, came in early and studied, my work ethic would make up for my lack of social skills. Well, it got me fired. I blamed a lot of people for this, the doctor that I upset because I called him out for being lazy, or the charge nurse that was “out to get me,” or even the head physician assistant that enjoyed criticism. It took a few years to get over, until I realized it wasn’t anybody else’s fault but was my own. I created these problems.

When I made that understanding, I became a student of human interaction. I began studying leadership, human interaction and emotional intelligence. I read books and went to classes. I took seminars. I became a life long student of human interaction…

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