Secrets of the PANCE / PANRE

Secrets of the PANCE / PANRE
If you are a physician’s assistant or a student, and you have to pass your boards; stakes are sky high and we get that. Any medical profession where your license depends on you demonstrating a minimal degree of knowledge by taking a standardized exam is very tricky and very stressful.

What we’ve found is that people who used their traditional study methods — these are the methods that got you through PA school or got you where you need to be in your profession — do not work when it comes to the boards. Way too many times, people study in the same fashion they had in the past, and next thing they know, they get the e-mail saying that they failed.

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Secrets of the PANCE / PANRE
John Bielinski, Jr., MS PAC is a practicing emergency medicine clinician, and has been lecturing nationally for more than ten years, teaching the tactics that have proven invaluable in his career as a medical professional.