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PANCE Review

Preparing for My PANRE

John Bielinski, MS PA-C By February 1, 2015January 6th, 2016No Comments
Preparing for My PANRE

My PANRE preparation, how do you prepare?

I am taking my PANRE this Tuesday. This is my third PANRE recertification. After this I am going to the ten year cycle, self assessment and performance improvement CME criteria.

I will bring two forms of ID to the testing center and arrive early.

During the test, I may review responses and change answers within a block of questions I am currently working on. However, after I exit a block of test questions (or time runs out) I will not be allowed to review questions or change my answers in that block. I am not big in changing answers. I am a “stick and move” guy. I either know it or I don’t

I know they don’t deduct points for incorrect answers. So I am answering them all.

If I need breaks during the exam, there are “scheduled breaks.” There is a total of 45 minutes allotted for breaks during the PANRE to be taken between blocks. I may eat something light or get something with caffeine in it. John Hopkins’s research suggest caffeine enhances memory, so I buy it. They are pretty smart. (CLICK HERE.)


After completion of each block, the “scheduled” break screen will appear. I will follow the break instructions that appear at the end of each block. I will be back on time, or else I lose time on the next session. I will hit the bathroom during my scheduled breaks, because any breaks during my session counts against my time.

I know the PANRE is a long test. Super long. So I am going to be smart. I am going to bring food and drink. I will stay hydrated during my breaks and stretch (I may even do a jump and jack or two. Or, I may listen to some Rocky music.) But I WILL NOT WALLOW IN PAST TEST ANSWERS. That doesn’t’ serve me. I will not look up answers to a question that was a coin flip.

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The PANRE is no joke, make sure you prepare yourself

How do you prepare for the PANRE?




This is how I am preparing to take my PANRE. How are you preparing for yours? Study book? Conference? DVD? Question bank? CME4LIFE has PANRE solutions, especially for the speciality Physician Assistant. Check out our options on our live courses, guaranteed to help you pass the PANCE or PANRE.



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