Failed PANRE and Physician Assistants

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Failed PANRE and Physician Assistants

Failed PANRE, a situation I run into more often than you think.

After healing about to many providers who have reached out to me after they have dealt with a failed PANRE I thought that something had to be done on a personal level. I cannot sit by idly as this happens to our profession, the profession that I love.

Providers used to have the option of taking the Pathway II Exam, but that no longer is available.

Here is my email to the NCCPA about changing the PANRE requirements for Physician Assistants so that I don’t see as many “Failed PANRE’ subject lines in my email.


Greetings. First and foremost, I love being a PA. It’s the greatest profession on the planet (even Forbes thinks so.) I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with James Cannon (NCCPA President) this last year when I presented a lecture at MAPA. I am a huge PA advocate, supporter and educator.

I am deeply concerned about our veteran PAs and the new PANRE requirements. I teach a board review course, and I am filling up with senior ortho, derm and psych PAs that have not taken an exam in 30 years. I hear almost weekly, “I may have to retire” because of this.

I believe this is making our PA profession weaker. We are losing our most senior providers. This weakens American’s health care.

Can anything be changed?

If interested/willing, I would be honored to fly to visit you folks to discuss options that strengthens the PA profession. I understand we need to demonstrate clinical competence and thus test our senior PAs. I am all for it. Yet, if we have a PA that has been in ortho for 30+ years, why do they need to know pediatric immunizations?

Failed PANRE



I understand we were founded on being primary care providers, yet, this is no longer our calling. We are in specialty fields. I respect what you folks have implemented with the CAQs. Let’s blend them.

Let’s allow our veterans to specialize. Yes, they will be locked to that field. I love the lateral mobility as a PA. It would be a travesty for an derm PA of 30 years to go into OB/GYN. It’s apples to oranges.

I respect the NCCPA. I respectfully feel the new PANRE hurts our profession.

Let’s fix it before we lose our veterans.


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Failed PANRE and Physician Assistants
John Bielinski, Jr., MS PAC is a practicing emergency medicine clinician, and has been lecturing nationally for more than ten years, teaching the tactics that have proven invaluable in his career as a medical professional.
Failed PANRE and Physician Assistants

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