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Top 10 Tips for Passing The PA Boards

John Bielinski, MS PA-C By October 2, 2014March 14th, 2018No Comments
Top 10 Tips for Passing The PA Boards

Between our CME shop, YouTube channel and our new PANCE/PANRE review Facebook page, we have got a lot of information and learning out there to help you pass your PA boards. But to keep it simple today, let’s focus on these top 10 tips for passing the PA boards:

Top Tips for Passing the PA Boards 

  1. Print the NCCPA’s blueprint, rate every topic on your competence and compare with #2.  This drives your study time.
  2. Take the NCCPA’s pre-test for an objective assessment of your knowledge.
  3. Answer every question.  Never leave a blank.  You can mark the question and return to it if needed.
  4. Stick and move. If you don’t know. GO (Don’t waste time/energy on clueless questions).
  5. Go with your gut.
  6. Read the last line of the base and then the distractor first.
  7. Study “Most common…” “most important…” “most likely…” “most effective …” “most appropriate…”  STUDY ALL THE MOSTs.
  8. No zebras…. If you never heard of it… don’t select it.
  9. Conservative first.  No meds first…. Always lifestyle modifications.
  10. Protect children and the elderly.

For weekly PA test prep questions, I would like to personally invite you to join us on our PASS the PANCE/PANRE Facebook Page. We’re sharing some great knowledge while getting you ready to pass the PA boards!

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